Full Moon Celebration 2

Dear Adventurers under the Full Moon,
I must acknowledge your courage and support for the Full Moon Celebration, under thunder, lightning and heavy rain! You are the best!
This month's Full Moon Celebration was completed with everybody soaked. As I have said before the celebration started, we are not going to just send a bottle of water, blessed, to Mother Earth. Heaven had sent us a rainstorm to cleanse the land, together!
Hong Kong's summer weather has been very unstable. These days we have numerous sudden showers and can get soaked easily. And yet, the weather had not in any way halted the Full Moon Celebration. This time, we stayed inside the gazebo, and the heavy rain held a sacred space for us (so that no tourist would visit the garden under the rain!)
I am also very grateful that a lot of my friends had joined, old and new. In particular, I must give a big clap to those who have stepped up and be willing to open up to experience, in whatever way the soul desires. Even if you think you have not talked much during the celebration, your very presence had already made the celebration successful.
And as for the "traditional" card picking session, I have the Goddess "Kwan Yin (Let it Go)" and the mandala card "Law of Attraction". Sure the cards relate to my lessons at this moment of time and the areas that I need to work on. As the angels had said, "Beautiful thoughts bring beautiful outcome". This is always true.
So Adventurers, I hope you will have a good rest after the celebration. Please take care of yourself especially under this ever-changing weather of Hong Kong. I hope to seeing you all in the next Full Moon Celebration, on the very traditional Mid-Autumn Festival!