Full Moon Celebration 3

Dear Fellow Lightbringers,
A heartful thank you to all those who had attended, old and now. Also, my thanks go to those who tapped into the circle, energetically, seen and unseen, to make this circle a successful one.
As the Full Moon moves into Aries, it is a time to celebrate the beginning of a new cycle. On earth plane and in the northern hemisphere, we are moving into Autumn - and therefore we have the Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrating good harvest and family re-union.
The message for this month's Full Moon Celebration is Rest and New Love (New Beginning). When we approach Autumn, it is a time for us to slow down and prepare for Winter, when all creatures and land are resting. Of course we human beings do not need to hibernate, and we in Hong Kong are warm enough in winters to carry on our daily activities, yet it will still be nice to slow down and clear our old stuff and old thoughts. So that when the next Spring comes, we will have plenty of spaces to move around and create.
Further, the reason why I say New Love also equates to New Beginning is that everything emerges from the Core, everything builds on the solid foundation of Self-Love and Self-Respect. Before you set any new intention, please, be true to your own feelings and only set a goal that is congruent and ecological (ah... I am using the NLP terms). Only in a state of Balance and Equilibrium, we will be able to flow forward smoothly, with ease and joy.
For those who have attended this month's Full Moon Celebration and have picked the message cards for the month and if you have any enquiries, do drop me a line so that I can share your happiness and joy in your Journey of Now. We will all meet again under the Full Moon in October 2007.