Full Moon Celebration 4

First of all, a heartful thank you to Ki Lin and Grace for your unwavering assistance, support and empowerment to our Full Moon Celebration in Hong Kong. Without you guys, perhaps I will have no idea as to how to carry that out and bring the circle to the next level.

Also, a big thank you to my family members and the colleages in the law firm. Looking at my daily life I either spend my time at home or at work, and I am glad to meeting these fabulous people every day. Thank you for your heartful support and encouragement, especially during hiccups in my life. A very big thank you to my parents, you guys are just amazing - I am so happy that I can literally share everything with you guys, and your unconditional love in taking care of me throughout the years. I am really honoured to have you guys as my parents! You are the best!

This month's message is going back to the basics - Balance. I remembered when I first connected with Ki Lin and Grace years ago, I really had no idea what Balance is. Or, perhaps I know, but in fact I don't. There were so many times that I heard of the saying that only in a balanced state one will be able to move forward smoothly. Well, words are easy, action is challenging. There were so many times that I thought I was in a balanced state, but in fact I did not - and I tripped over. Even now, sometimes I still trip over; yet isn't it the game of life, that we learn from our mistakes?

And I would like to announce that I am planning to switch host of FMC. That does not mean that I am leaving the circle. First of all, sooner or later there will be times that I am out of jurisdiction during full moon. Secondly, I would like those who are inspired, to take up the responsibility. You can of course treat FMC as a party, a gathering that you can meet up with friends. More importantly, we are contributing to the society, as a whole. There are so many times, even for me, that I take things for granted.

So, perhaps in the next FMC, I am the one lying on the floor drifting away under the moonlight.