Full Moon Celebration 6

On this very auspicious day, Heaven had sent us rain in the morning to wash away our doubts, fears, and thoughts which does not serve our highest purposes for the Moment. 24 December 2007 was indeed a very special Christmas Eve, of which we were first blessed by Heaven followed by songs and hymns throughout the night.

Christmas has become more and more commercial in this busy city. Whilst we are enjoying our food and wine, have we ever take brief a moment to look clearly at this world, that there are less fortunate people around? Looking at planet earth as a whole, are we just taking things for granted and forgetting to send our gratitude back to Mother Earth? This month's proceeds is now donated to WWFHK, supporting mother nature and our pink dolphin friends.

I truly honour your effort in joining and supporting Full Moon Celebration, Hong Kong throughout the year of 2007. I look forward to seeing you again in the magical year of 2008!

With Love and Gracious Gratitude