Full Moon Celebration 7

Full Moon Celebration - 22 January 2008 The month full moon falls on 22 January, which is also our first Full Moon Celebration in 2008. I am please to see all fellows who come this month FMC, especially we are facing a challenge in the end of 2007. Also welcome the new comer and thanks Sophia as our host again. The theme of this month is connection. Connection can have a board meaning, no matters connect with peoples, opportunities, new project, objectives or new level. New opporturnities bring new challenges. To accept new connections, we also need put out old routines which they already no more relationship with you. Please remind that when we decide to build up new connections, maintain the existing connections, and release the connections, we still need to intent and put effort in. Sometimes we are fear to face changes, but just boost your confidence and love to dissolve fears. Once we are ready to accept those changes, we can learn through those experiences, and bring new approach to our lives. This month's proceeds will be donated to WWFHK. Once again thanks all fellows to join this month FMC.